Customer Loyalty

Building Customer Loyalty with Texts and Emails

The numbers don’t lie: to grow your business, you need to keep your customers loyal. In fact, it can cost five times as much to get a new customer as it does to retain your customers. Staying in contact with your customers through text and emails is one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to build customer loyalty and improve your customer retention rates.

Timing Matters

Effective communication with your customers relies on two things: timing and relevance. Your customers want to feel that the messages they receive from you are meaningful and tailored to their individual needs. The best way to optimize your customers’ experience is to engage your customers and leads with the right guidance, the right messaging, and the right incentives — at the right moment.

Using Email and Text Messaging to Build Loyalty

Small and medium-sized businesses may not have loyalty programs, but they are easy to create when you use email and text messaging. Real-time statistics like click-through rates and open rates can provide valuable information that can allow you to tailor your messaging to your customers — and reward them for opening your messages.

Improving your customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits up to an astonishing 95%.

For businesses in small towns, providing your customers with text messages that are relevant to the area shows that you care. Say, for instance, your local high school football team is heading to the state championship. If you are a restaurant, you might offer a discount or a free product to customers who bring in their ticket stubs. Rallying around the home team is a great way to foster loyalty in your customer base.

Text messages are highly likely to be seen and read — up to 90% are read within three minutes of being received.

Customer Loyalty Improves Profits

Customers have a “go to” source for products and services and loyal customers are more likely to use you versus a competitor when you personalize your messaging and make them feel valued. Additionally, loyal customers are more likely to try a new service or product from a company that they trust. You are 60-70% more likely to be able to sell a new product or service to an existing customer.

Loyal customers are also likely to refer friends and family to try your product or service. Since people are more likely to trust the advice of a family member or friend that word of mouth can pay dividends for growing your business.

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